1) Who was the principal at North High in 1970?
Gene Hughes
Wandier Rucker
Frank Tucker
John Sarina
2) Who was our Husky mascot in 1970?
Janet Green
Carol Kumamoto
Wanda Brown
Cindy Dugger

3) Who was the North High parking lot attendant in 1970?
Stan Boltz
Barbara Rhodes
Strown Martin
Don White
4) This 1970 North High secretary is the mother of a Congress member
Jo Duncan
Susan Clem
Beverly Ramano
Nancy Takano

5) This Class of 70 grad is a San Francisco jazz legend
Jimmy Stevens
Paul Robertus
Margaret Chandler
Chuck Unger
6) This Class of 70 grad is a Superior Court judge
Nancy Reynolds
Michael Roldan
Roger Luebs
Frances Gasco

7) Where did North High play its home football games?
North High stadium
RCC Wheelock Field
Poly High School
UCR Stadium
8) Who was the 1970 Football Homecoming Queen?
Debbie Edwards
Grace Rutledge
Elsie Anaya
Cindy Webster

9) What was the name of the North High yearbook?
The Husky
Blue&Gold Memory Annual
The Aurora
North Report